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In the words of Henry Ford "You can have any color so long as it's black"..or white!
Here at Peerless Executive we're an established Wokingham taxi service with well over 20 years of experience within the transport industry. New for May 2019 - Book Economy Class for a Black or White Tesla Model X : From Loddon cars to Heathrow £27 Fixed rates 24/7 or to Gatwick, Luton and Southampton £55 Fixed rates 24/7. Giving you the best of both worlds, an Executive-ish car at Economy rates, simply unbeatable value. After all, its no secret Teslas are Electric with significantly lower/ Zero running costs. So, its only fair that we pass the savings realised directly back to you in the way of competitive rates in our constant strive to keep up with the latest changes and trends in technology..!!
Code: 4519M4WJCT8/9
Did you see.
Came in a black Tesla, left in a white one.
Our longevity and growth within the industry can be put down to our client focused service, our attention to detail, and obviously our competitive rates & value for money services. All of these attributes allow for us to offer a variety of different transport services, all designed to meet the needs of our clients; to get them to their destinations on time and in the comfort they shoud expect. From Loddon cars to Heathrow £27. From Loddon Cars to Gatwick £55. From Loddon Cars to Luton £55. Book today Reading taxis. Rates advertised online are current and valid from 19/10/2015 until 2022.
Book your Tesla today (Economy) you can even choose the colour of your Tesla X so long as its Black.. (or White..)
Driven by our very own Doc Brown(s), exclusively electric with a massive battery pack, electric motors and aluminium chasis - there's no fuel costs to worry about. Great Scott!! With signature lifting 'Falcon' rear doors. The doors are a twist on the roof-hinged 'Gullwing' door concept of the DeLorean, which allow very good access to the second and third rows of seats. If you're going on a longer trip, worry not thanks to Tesla Superchargers around the country, taking 30 minutes to charge for a range of 170 miles - without costing the earth.
Compare the market. Taxis from Wokingham Loddon Cars to Heathrow £27 - £30. Book Now. Why pay more?
Comparison of current rates of Wokingham based taxi companies & Uber, for a typical journey from Wokingham to Heathrow - It's a no brainer!!
From Loddon Cars to Heathrow Taxi rates 2019/ 2020.. Great Scott!!
Prestige Cars
£35 - £38
Surcharge 23:00 - 06:00
First Class
Surcharge 23:00 - 06:00
Elite & Excel Cars
Flat rates 24/ 7
Loddon Cars
Flat rates 24/ 7
Peerless Executive
£27 - £30
Fixed rates 24/ 7
|---------- Executive car as standard typically Mercedes E Class driven by suited (twentyfourseven) driver ----------|   |-------- Economy --------|
£38 - £51
£72 - £96
£110 - £148
Prestige/ First Class
  Uber Price Estimate
  Rates used for comparison above obtained from independent research undertaken March 2019 - including but not limited to information from taxi companies websites and/ or quotations and/ or advertisements including leaflets, flyers and business cards.
Service levels
We operate a mixed fleet of vehicles including First class/ Prestige cars ie Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, Mercedes S Class; Executive Cars ie Mercedes E Class, BMW 5 and A6. Along with a variety of saloon vehicles which will effectively convey you from Point A to Point B. Our range of travel classes offers effective travel for every budget and occasion. No matter how you choose to travel with us, we'll get you there on time.. everytime. Be driven direct. From Loddon cars to Heathrow £23.
For airport transfers/ motorway miles/ long distance travel we try to allocate executive vehicles which are seldom used for local taxi work unless requested for a premium cost. Cruising effortlessly on the motorway at high speeds whilst improving passenger safety and enhancing passenger comfort.  It’s just not practical to throw them around town on shopping/ school/ pub runs, rather foolish and expensive. Nor were they manufactured for short stop/ start journeys.  For local journeys, metered taxis and MPV's such as the Ford Galaxy are much more practical and economical for shorter trips. You can expect a pleasant ambience and a clean interior in all vehicles across all travel classes. Operating a mixed fleet allows us to better manage our running costs and pass the savings directly back to you with cheaper taxi fares.
Straightforward pricing Transparent, Fixed rates. No hidden charges. No surge pricing. Fixed rates 24/ 7.
  From Wokingham (all areas within the Wokingham Borough including Arborfield, Barkham, Binfield, Charvil, Crowthorne, Earley and Lower Earley, Finchampstead, Hurst, Remenham, Ruscombe, Shinfield, Sonning, Spencers Wood, Three Mile Cross, Twyford, Wargrave, Woodley, Winnersh) to Heathrow (any terminal) Only £30. > To Gatwick, Luton, Southampton or London only £55  
  Rates advertised online are current & valid from 19/10/2015 - 2022 > Book Now    
  White Monkeys UK
Economy class - Loddon cars to Heathrow £23
Simply getting you from Point A to Point B on time, in comfort and safety. Affordable travel.
We get the basics right and keep it simple.. s
Offering you a variety of saloon vehicles at budget rates. Suitable for all your taxi needs.
Cheaper than your local Wokingham Hackney taxi running on the meter - Saving you up to 50%. Whilst offering you greater comfort over your local wheelchair accessible taxi.
Our Economy class comes without compromise - Sit back and relax in comfortable seats, enjoy the journey.
Drivers are dressed smart casual - Not suit and tie, thereby saving you £7 - £15 OFF your LHR return taxis, or atleast £20 - £26 OFF Gatwick or Luton return taxis.
Economy class rates:
Wokingham to Heathrow £30, (Wargrave to Heathrow £23)
to Gatwick or Luton or London and Southampton £55.
  From Loddon cars to Heathrow (all terminals) only £23 - Special Offer  
  Taxi from Wargrave to Heathrow £23
  Fixed rate 24/7 Because.. Time matters
  Taxi from Twyford to Heathrow £23
  Fixed rate 24/7 Because.. Price matters
Free Upgrade to 'Silver BMW' 7 Series Long wheelbase. Sit back and Driven Direct. Offer applies to saloon vehicles which convey 3 passengers in maximum comfort and elegance. (Anonymous' calls refused.) Special Offer Code :-191015W4SEM/3:54.
    Waseem Mirza: "From Loddon cars to Gatwick, Luton , Southampton only £55 - Amazing values Lovely 7 Series in.. The Customer is King' and Customer is Always Right' Always' and iWaseem Mirza OK and iBusinessman OK. OK. Waseem Mirza in the Loddon. April 2019K.    
Premium economy class
This travel class is positioned between economy class and business class in terms of price. Transparent rates calculated on the meter set by the Wokingham Council;-
£4.10 for the first mile, £2.10 for each mile thereafter (running mile) with £0.28 for every 38 seconds. Wokingham Private Hire & Hackney Taxi Tariff:
"Tariff 1 (For hiring between 6am and 11 pm); For a journey of up to 836 yards or 190 seconds or part thereof - £3.00; For each subsequent 167yds or 38 seconds or part thereof - 20p".
Taximeters provide an accurate measure of what the fare should be.
Typical vehicle: Peugeot Partner Tepee, Fiat Doblo, and similar wheelchair accessible hackney taxi vehicles.
Representative Hackney taxi meter rate;
Wokingham to Heathrow £60~,
to Gatwick or Luton or London and Southampton £107~.
    Business class - Prestige Cars Wokingham
Offering you an executive taxi service for special occasions, weddings, corporate events. Typical vehicle supplied is the Mercedes E Class or similar i.e BMW 5 and Audi A6 and Jaguar.
The luxuries of business class over premium economy are immediately apparent with the three-pointed star of the luxury brand. Prestige cars, obviously a completely different class but only marginally more expensive than your local metered taxi, wheelchair accessible Doblo or Teppee.
The E-Class Saloon is engineered from the ground up for more comfort - prestige cars for an executive experience. The build quality is excellent, no other car in the class can match it's comfort and refinement. Whether you're idling at traffic lights or cruising on the motorway, engine, tyre and wind noise are impressively hushed. Ideal for business travellers and corporate travel. Can be supplied with complimentary refreshments and Wi-Fi. Worth every bit of the extra £10 you'll be paying over a metered tepee!!
Typical business class rates:
Wokingham to Heathrow £70, Prestige cars
to Gatwick or Luton or London and Southampton £120.
  First class executive cars Wokingham  
  The finest luxury limo vehicles chauffeur driven (Chauffeur hat, white gloves) supplied with refreshments and complimentary Wi-fi, the red carpet treatment for those special occasions, corporate events, weddings etc. Indulgent levels of luxury pampering its occupants.  
Vehicle range is BMW 7 Series, Audi A8, Mercedes S Class - with air suspension to give you a wonderfully cushioned ride, effortlessly smooth's out the bumps, and barely any road noise. Yet this unrivalled sense of comfort comes for only an extra £25 over your local metered taxi, wheelchair accessible Doblo or Teppee. A first class experience.
There are fewer relaxing experiences than driving an S-Class - the only thing that can top it is if you're in the back seat, being chauffeured. Vibrations are non-existent, even at motorway speeds you won't hear any wind or tyre roar. The most luxurious model to wear the famed three-pointed star.
First class indicative rates;
Wokingham to Heathrow £85, First Class
to Gatwick or Luton or London and Southampton £140.
    Group travel    
    MPV vehicles ideal for ferrying groups around cities and airports. Can convey 6 - 8 passengers plus luggage whilst delivering a comfortable experience. POA.    
    > MPV(6) - Can carry up to 6 passengers    
    > Shuttle (8) vehicles can carry up to 8 passengers with ample luggage space.    
No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love. Love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite. Nelson Mandela.
  We get the basics right and keep it simple.. s
  We do things differently to the rest!! We've removed all the faff of taxi drivers overdressed in suit & tie twentyfourseven prancing around in expensive first class executive or prestige cars - to focus on the basics: Getting you to where you need to be, on time, in comfort and safety - and passing the savings back to you!!
  Wokingham to Heathrow £30 & to London, Luton, Gatwick or Southampton £55 Fixed rate 24/7. Be Driven Direct.
  You can expect;
  Your taxi to arrive a few minutes before the booked time, giving you peace of mind. Settle into a clean and licensed taxi, be driven direct to your destination in safety and comfort, by a licensed and experienced driver. We keep it simple as 1, 2, 3;
1. Punctual & Reliable
  It starts with good time-keeping
On time.. Everytime. Your driver will arrive up to 10 minutes early - giving you peace of mind. We'll monitor flight arrivals, traffic reports and road conditions to avoid any possible delays.
2. Steady hands on the wheel.
  Licensed & insured drivers
Our drivers are licensed & insured. Vetted & DBS checked, and trained to guarantee you a comfortable journey. Experienced drivers with a safe driving history, alert and sober - responsive to other road users. You're in safe hands.
3. Sit back & relax. Be Driven Direct.
  Safe and comfortable, clean cars
Our vehicles are licensed & insured. Well maintained and strictly no smoking, valeted, and cleaned regularly. Which means a pleasant ambience and a better journey experience for you.  
That was easy!!
All of our drivers and vehicles are licensed and regulated by the local council and we've got you covered with £5million public liability insurance. Which means we've got you covered. Alright, so that's due diligence done. Let's get your journey started
Email Booking online has never been easier >
  Customer satisfaction Guaranteed
  The results keep coming in..
97% of customers tell us they're satisfied with our services, would happily use us again and recommend us too.
98% of bookings met on time. After all it's all about good timekeeping.
99% surveyed were impressed by our "fantastic prices" and rated us highly for giving our customers better value-for-money.
  .. We must be doing something right ..
> Customer Reviews September 2018 Rating: 4.8 (333 customer reviews)
  Och, Lovely driver, pure brilliant    
    Hou's it gaun? Your driver was dead brilliant on my date night when ma heid's mince, up to high do. Nae problem    
    Ms Shona Whitehead, Berkshire    
    Whit's fur ye'll no go past ye. ye know    
    Good taxi service    
  I used them and found the service to be totally reliable. They pick you up on time, and drop you off too. What more do you need/ want from a taxi, they'll get you from A to B. .I recommend this company enthusiastically.    
    Basil Papachristdis, Rainbow Park    
> Go to our testimonials page to read more - Your feedback matters >Well Driven?
  Loddon cars Director Wasup is heart & soul a . . . .
' O goodness gracious me. £34 for MERCEDES with Client-Focused Service to Heathrow from Berkshires. £75 is charging the TEPEES peejout auto-rickshaws for same ride on meter from station rank. Kya baat hai. Mercedes is half price of tepees and skoda or hiyundeye, or Vokeswagons, toyata or vauxAlls sitting there on taxiranking.. Funny is driver trained to Chatting us nicely for such LOW prices. by the ways flat rate all the day everydays because time matters.'
  '.. Awesome enterprise for end-Users at rock-Bottom rates. What a boon.'
  '..Extended family run enterprise of illegal immigrantion from pakistan.. extremely motivated in cheap taxis with operations managed out of Pakistan based call-centre-factory..Family run enterprise of 10 and counting. 5 taxi drivers Mirza brothers - cannot rate them highly enough'. are Customer Servant Beyond Expectations'. with Cheap european / pakindian drivers impeccably turned out trained in bootlicking, had a nice chats, disciplined to go the extra mile for the tip.'
    '..Loddum Cars giveaway MERCEDES for £60 to gatwick from Wokingham.Station taxicab charge £118-£127 for same journey in TOYOTA. Bargain deal. I complined about driver overdone the LYNX effect with strong base notes of curry. So management disocunted the ride giving back 50% refund and MS Xmas Hamper worth £50. '  
    '..Picking 4 large cases All the Way Up' to bedroom from car boot and drivers Carrying luggages on seats. Director Wasup gives obsessively client-focused service' for any complaint about if '..a driver not nice enough..!.' or '..a driver not smart enough..!.'he takes pride Customer is Always right, Customer is King because Wasup is Busnesman, business his baby'. ' he likes to iron things out to avoid situation going forward ofcourse with an offer of compensation'. 100% customer satisfaction company policy so 'Immediately drivers are penalised ; warning ; disciplinary ; fired. For Any complaint Giving customers generous compensation each time''. Everytime with (..'flowers..', '..perfume..','..£10 discount off every taxi for 6 months.'.,'..complimentary milktray..' ' free taxis for 3 months'.. 'Rose's.,' free taxis to gatwick & back', 'awarded us FREE £20 taxi ride,.'.. Moet & Chandon..' With Compliments. Wasup is desperate Busnesman Complaint handling Professionals'! Cheaper than Uber 50% for chauffeurline taxis drivers in uniform Same price day at night..'
    Loddon Cars / LC chauffeurs, Adams Cars Henley/ Budget cars - business reviews & feedback
  We keep things simple and get the basics right ..
Small wonder taxi drivers flocked to Uber in the masses, escaping the shadowy world of private hire taxis plagued with tribalism, feeding culture, tyrannical dispatchers and faff. Rest assured, we don't operate a caste system of the gujar's and jats; choudary's, raja's and bengaladesis from pakstan of First Class Executive / Twentyfourseven; the malik's of Prestige cars and Elite cars; mirza's and untouchables, romanians of Loddon cars.
Best of all, you'll not be discriminated against for refusing to subscribe to peer worshipping, hadithism and sectarianism - as practised by these companies, pakindians and mainstream muslims. Whether you choose to live as shia or sunni, schisms ought to matter not. By the same token, if you prefer instead to live by the holy book (Quran) as a non-denominational muslim, that's your prerogative. To each his own.. Right ..!? Recruitment > Working together




We've streamlined our business model from harnessing over 20 years of experience in the sector to adapt to the changing marketplace, refined policies and processes, reduced overheads and cut away unnecessary administration, archaic methods and old-fashioned ways to improve efficiency and become leaner - Uber-esque. Passing the savings realised directly back to you with competitive taxi fares.
Resulting in improved productivity and lower operational costs, utilising disruptive innovations we operate remotely using mobile phone telephony and remote technology. With fixed rates 24/7 in line with local companies, we don't charge drivers a commission or base fee. Renounced taxi drivers being ostentatious in business suits (at your expense) parading around in extravagant Mercedes as local taxis. No ball and chain, instead empowered, contented drivers and flexible working policies. We're Game Changers.
We keep things simple as 1..2..3.. and get the basics right, drivers are not micro-managed, tracked and needlessly disciplined with bygone stratagems of Give the dog a bone' and brownnosing workshops. There's no tyrannical dispatcher or feeding culture either, We do things differently to the rest. After all, you hired a taxi Only to transport you from A to B on time, in comfort, safely.. Right..? We encourage drivers to focus on the road ahead, thereby improving the safety of our passengers and other road users simply by 'Less ass-kissing, better driving'.
Simply, we don't charge taxi drivers 15% commission or equivalent base fee on loss leader journeys. It's only fair that we don't line our pockets at the expense of drivers, when they're already working harder than ever owing to price wars of the past and entrenched competition. And we've removed all the faff of taxi drivers overdressed in suits twentyfourseven, swanning around in first class executive or prestige cars - to focus on the basics: Getting you to where you need to be, on time, in safety and comfort; be Driven Direct.
For example the suggested fare (meter rate set by the Council) for a journey from Wokingham to Heathrow is £60 approx. But the market rate is £36: ie a Loss Leader. From which the driver pays the taxi company a 15% commission/ equivalent base fee of £6. Leaving the driver £30. Some drivers lose a further 10% because taxi company penalises them if the customer pays by credit card (Yes, really!!) - leaving the driver with £27 gross.
  Our Wokingham to Heathrow rate is £30. Our drivers charge you £30. They pay us Zero fees on Loss Leaders.. It's only fair business practice. Still leaving them with a gross amount of £30 and we pass the savings directly back to you.
  It's a WIN:WIN
  Which means cheaper taxi fares for you, and a better journey experience.
  Reliable taxis, fair prices
Booking online has never been easier. Make your reservation online in a few minutes.
Or Book today by Email or send a SMS text message. The most accurate way to make your reservation, improving accountability and leaving no room for human error compared to communicating your itinerary and booking details over the telephone. You will receive a booking confirmation for your peace of mind. To avoid disappointment please book your journey in advance to guarantee availability.
    Why choose us?
From Loddon cars to Heathrow £23
Because price matters W4SEM 191015 Hmm
Safety First..
Our drivers and cars are licensed, regulated by the Wokingham Borough Council and insured for Private Hire, and we've got you covered with £5million public liability insurance. You're in safe hands.
We're service Driven
We're punctual and reliable. Taking care planning & managing our workload with meticulous attention to detail. Flight Arrivals & Departures are monitored, and we keep abreast of Road & Traffic conditions.
Company you can trust
Offering you cumulative experience of 40 years in the Wokingham area and across Berkshire. Be driven direct. On time.. Everytime. You can trust us to be there.
Competitive rates - Guaranteed
Cheapest fares around Wokingham - we don't charge our drivers 15% commission or equivalent Base Fee on Loss Leaders, which means cheaper airport fares for you because we pass the savings directly back to you..
Price match promise  
  We will beat, if not match any genuine like for like quote. Try us
No hidden charges - Transparent rates  
  No extra charges for flight delays/ meet 'n'greet & car parking at cost.
No surge pricing - Fixed rates  
  Clear, straightforward prices - current rates are published online.
Flat rate 24 / 7 Because price matters
  No extra charge between 2300 - 0600
  From Loddon cars to Heathrow £23
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